by February 15, 2002
Conceptual, totally emersive site that follows the adventures of the marrow monkey, with a nice soundtrack.

Via @Joe’s Pub Wednesdays

· by February 15, 2002

Putting top live acts with both local and international dj’sblurring the lines between the organic and programmed beat. Resident DJ’s Brent Lee and Clay spin an eclectic mix of world, broken beat, 2 step and breaks. Vikter Duplaix is spinning on 02/06/02. Call For line-up: 212-539-8778.

The Short Century @PS1 Until 05/05/2002

· by February 15, 2002

Opens February 10, 2002 This landmark exhibition installed throughout the entire building explores African culture through art, film, photography, graphics, architecture, music, literature, and theater.
Film screenings: Fridays at 8pm, unless otherwise noted
“Lumumba” (2000, Raoul Peck, 115 min)
“Camp Thiayore” (1988, Ousmane Sembène and
Thierno Faty Sow, 156 min)
“Sambizanga” (1972, Sarah Maladoror, 102 min)
“The Lion Has Two Heads”
(1970, Glauber Rocha, 103 min)
03/15, 6pm:
“Camera d’Afrique (20 Years of African Cinema)”
(1983, Férid Boughedir, 95 min)
“Harvest 3000 Years” (1975, Haile Gerima, 150 min)
“Soleil O” (1970, Med Hondo, 105 min)
“The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun”
(1999, Djibril Diop Mambety, 45 min)
“Life on Earth” (1999, Abderrahmane Sissako, 61 min)
“Lumumba: Death of a Prophet”
(1992, Raoul Peck, 69 min)

Burnt Sugar @Joe’s Pub 02/23/02.

· by February 15, 2002

Burnt Sugar is a territory band, led by Greg Tate. “A neo-tribal thang, a community hang. A society-music guild aspiring to the condition of all that is moletn, glacial, racial, spatial, oceanic, mythic, antiphonal and telepathic.”
Tickets: $12