Moodstats is an application

by April 1, 2002

Moodstats is an application that allows you to quickly record how your day has been and generate multi-colored graphs & statistics. You can also pull down data from the global server and compare yourself with the mood of other Moodstats users.

Life as a Blackman

· by April 1, 2002

Life as a Blackman
Chuck Sawyer has created a board game that the whole family can enjoy. Here is the transcript from the On the Record interview with Greta Van Susteren.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Would you want your family playing a board game called Life as a Blackman? Here are the rules. You assume the role of an 18- year-old African-American male. The goal is to get out of the ghetto, whether it be by a life of crime or some other means. Joining us from Los Angeles is the game’s creator, Chuck Sawyer.

Chuck, nice to see you.

CHUCK SAWYER, LIFE AS A BLACKMAN CREATOR: Nice to be here, Greta. And thanks for having me.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK, Chuck, explain this game to me.

· by April 1, 2002
Government names of your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B stars.

Manufactured With Love @Zakka Until 04/04/02

· by April 1, 2002

Katrin Wiens and friends have created the fashion graphic products on display in the front area of the store. Zakka is a shop and artists’ space, where you can find graphic art-related books, as well as other select items boasting unique design, including clothing, music, and a fly ass action figure collection. 147 Grand Street, NYC open 12-7, closed Tuesday.

Soul Slam @Pepper’s Lounge 04/19/02.

· by April 1, 2002

Keistar Productions and DJ Spinna bring you another Rewind theme party. This time its Michael Jackson VS Prince. 98 Leonard Street between Broadway and Church.
$10 with flyer -10PM.