You have to love Truth

by February 9, 2004

You have to love Truth. I mean you’re given a million $ budget to produce anti-smoking campaigns that are paid for by the cigarette companies themselves. Only, only, only in America. Shards O’Glass is their latest object of detournment.

Ethan Lipton

· by February 9, 2004

Ethan Lipton is what you would get if Andy Kaufman wrote jazz standards, and Norah Jones sang them. The show I saw was the most I laughed at one time last year. “Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston what’d you do to that sweet sweet Bobby Brown?”

Wear Me Out @Show 02/12/04.

· by February 9, 2004

Wear Me Out breaks the line between partying, art installation and fashion. Come see the latest work by Elanit Kayne an innovative, uniquely layered outfit that will fit your body and everybody. 7pm – 11pm. Free @Show 135 West 41st Street between 6th & 7th Ave.