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Archive for May, 2004

Get your Jesus

Get your Jesus Action Figure and make him fight G.I. Joe or maybe Barbie can be Magdelena.

In keeping with

In keeping with the Venusian way, May has been deemed National Masturbation Month.

Everybody is a star

Everybody is a star with Moblog. You can post pictures, video & text from your camera phone direct to web instantly.

Ayro VS Titonton @Mission 05/07/04.

A live set from the Detroit soulman Ayro (short for Irish Afro) on live beat programming, Rhodes improvisation and throat. Ayro blends the genres of broken beat, future jazz, and Detriot techno. Expect a night that will recharge more than just your spirit with Tintonton’s hands-on style of disc jokeying.10 PM. Mission, 217 Bowery between Prince and Rivington. $6 with RSVP to / $8 at the door.

3 The Odd Way @5 Spot 05/08/04.

Djinji Brown, Eman and the 3rd element of surprise. 459 Myrtle Avenue Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. 9pm $10 or RSVP for reduced list:

Blessed Productive @Madame X 05/13/04.

Madame X was voted as one of NYC’s sexiest lounges and Chris Logan (Blessed Productive) is a good DJ. 9PM. 94 W Houston St, New York.

Waiwan & Alison Crockett@Slainte 05/21/04.

Federation Crew follows up with a dancer’s delight DJ set by Earth Project UK artist Waiwan known for beautiful deep house music.Co-headliner Alison Crockett (Wah Wah 45) shows hometown love. RSVP to
. 304 Bowery Street, NYC.