Stunner Shades

by August 2, 2004

They’ll think you’re crazy until they put them on and see what you see. The fourth of July with these? Forget about it.

Loft Cube

· by August 2, 2004

Loft Cube. My neighborhood is currently being readied for the incoming gentry. I know there’s no new land being created but is this the next wave in housing? 360 degree rooftop views do sound good – if I own the roof.

SA-RA @APT 08/10/04.

· by August 2, 2004

Tyler, Karl and Gamall work it out again with this ‘Cosmic Soundclash’ from the joyful noise makers SaRa Creative Partners. They’ve done work with Bilal, Jill Scott, Nas, Pharaoh Monche (Agent Orange), NERD, Jurassic 5 & Badu. Their tune ‘Glorious’ is just that. 419 West 13th Street, Manhattan. 10PM.

Martin Luther @BB King 08/11/04.

· by August 2, 2004

Martin Luther’s second album: Rebel Soul Music is being released this September 21st. I’ve had the opportunity to hear a preview, it’s fire. Tonight Marty performs with special guest Cody Chesnutt. 237 West 42nd Street Manhattan. 8PM. $15.

Caron Wheeler @S.O.B.s 08/12/04.

· by August 2, 2004

Black Rock Coalition presents diva deluxe Caron Wheeler. 204 Varick Street. Doors open at 7PM. $15.