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Archive for March, 2005

Deuse Gangsta @ Rothko 03/04

In the 90′s in Atlanta they were know to me as Furthur 3. Deuce Gangsta is the new punk rap group from DJ CX Kidtronik & EKG. Deuce Gangsta is currently being hailed in many circles as New York City’s best kept secret. Watch for the full length from CX entitled Krack Attack on Sound Ink Records
. DJ’s shadetek & leftenant spin brit grime. 116 Suffolk St. Lower East Side, NYC.

Zion-i@ South Paw 03/05

In the 90′s in Atlanta they were know to me as Metufour, 418 and The R***s. Zion & Amp perform all new material from their upcoming album True & Livin’. 125 5th Ave Park Slope Brooklyn, NY. Doors: 7PM. Show: 8:45PM

El Pus @ Joe’s Pub 03/09

In the 90′s in Atlanta they were known to me as Akward Stylistics and then A.S. Octopussy a group of MC’s who picked up instruments after being parted from their beat machines. El Pus is taking heads performing songs from their new album released in Virgin records. 425 Lafayette Street Manhattan. 11PM.