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Archive for November, 2005

Lil Kim Locked Up

366 days even in a nice looking prison bites, so write to Lil Kim Jones: Kimberly Jones, Register # 56198-054, FDC Philadelphia, Federal Detention Center, P.O. BOX 562, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Soundwalk is bringing tourism to a new level. Download the MP3, go to the starting point, put your headphones on, press play, start walking – just sidestep the crackheads, beggars and thieves.

Crappers Quarterly

Crappers Quarterly has assembled a collection of funny logos, mascots, business signs, photos from around the world, this is the Worst Ever.

Only in Jamrock can the hair be the hat.

Only in Jamrock can the hair be the hat.

Tool for armchair

Tool for armchair activists is a machine for remote rants and protests. It’s able to receive incoming sms messages and speak them out loud through its powerful megaphones.

NY Gypsy Festival @ Various Locations 10/29 – 11/06

Covering a wide geographical region including Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and the Balkans, the rich diversity of this music is on full display at this festival.

Writers Convention @ Eyejammie 11/04

Sacha Jenkins’ “Writers Convention” at Eyejammie Gallery 516 W.25th Street, Suite 306.