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Archive for May, 2006

Sweetwash @ The Whitney at Altria 05/17

Eisa Davis and Nicholas Leichter. 4 musicians and 6 dancers. 120 Park Avenue at 42nd Street. 7:30PM.

My Space. Now everybody is a star.

Read a book MF, Read a book.

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Mexico Set to Decriminalize Some Drug Use

Maybe we will see reverse immigration. Americans encoding maps on the bottoms of their sneakers attempting to foil border patrol as they seek to smoke their joints in peace.

People are making their own videos for Crazy


Rude x Grub @ APT 05/09/06.

Rude presents a release party for ‘Grub: Ideas for an Urban, Organic Kitchen’. To celebrate, authors Bryant Terry and Anna Lappe have created an exclusive ‘RudexGrub’ cocktail. 419 W13th street. 9PM

Sovereign Whores and Seditious Technology @ Eyebeam 05/13/06.

Eyebeam presents The Aphrodite Project: Platforms, new work from Artist in Residence Norene Leddy with technical lead Andrew Milmoe. This interactive artwork uses embedded technologies and online services to explore and unite the rich mythology of Aphrodite with the safety and advertising concerns of contemporary sex workers on the street. 4-7pm. 540 W21st Street.