Hillary & The Traitor

by August 27, 2008


A lot of planning and money is invested in the real estate above the fold in the NYT. This movie ad takes up more space than the front page feature photo and has run alongside DNC coverage every day this week.

“Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out to Get You”.

Michelle My Bell

· by August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama DNC

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble. You already look strong, so a v-neck dress only make you look like a linebacker. The shoulder length hair helps but a rounded neckline would have rocked. Fire your stylist and lets keep it Jackie O.

100 Miles and Running: Re-Occurring Themes in 1990’s Hip-Hop Videos

· by August 20, 2008

YouTube Preview Image

(Non-YouTube Version of Same Video)

As a result of my daily, rigorous cultural research (youtube, facebook & random RSS feeds) I was reminded of a re-occurring theme in Hip-Hop videos of the 1990’s: young brown men running from authority figures: police officers, security guards and other young brown men who posed as perceived or real threats. Did this theme come from the reality of an increased level of crime in the 90’s only to disappear in the streets and on screen in the next decade? A possible link to Freakonomics & Black Swan theories? Or was it just a Director’s aesthetic preference? In either case, what has this theme been replaced by and why? I have an idea of what it has been replaced by therefore, it follows that the artists involved in making these images today are either now very wealthy or no longer interested in reflecting their community’s reality.