Today’s Walk: SF – MoMA

by November 17, 2008

I went to the Martin Puryear opening at SF MoMA. His minimalist work was on the 5th floor. I only made it to the 4th floor because the stuff on the 4th floor was just so fresh. One of the freshest was The Art of Participation 1950 to Now: which showed some pioneering media participatory art projects from the 50’s – that would make web 2.0 look dull.

The DJ that night at SF MoMA was Romanowski who I first encountered in NYC in 1999 playing for the UBO – Indie Planet Launch Party – he mixed two 45’s of Nina Simone’s See-Line Woman as two break dance crews battled – Very Fresh.

I was most impressed by the shiny 20 foot tall, 1970’s style, gold beaded curtain.
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U.S. Presidents: King George Washington to Present

ยท by November 4, 2008

US Presidents