Today’s Walk: Brooklyn – Disposable Technology

by February 26, 2009

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Look at what I found in the garbage today. These were cutting edge when they came out (750Mhz!? Remote Control!?), now this eWaste is on its way back to China to be melted down for Silver and Gold.

Today’s Walk Manhattan – Hug @Ford Foundation

· by February 24, 2009

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I got a last minute invite to a private screening of Khary Jones’ new film Hug at The Ford Foundation. Even without the comfy gold plated Eames chairs the film is Great.

Today’s Walk: West Oakland – 3 Crack Kings

· by February 20, 2009

After the party we went to the Afterparty and were rolled up on, by a three headed crack induced Cerberus walking down the middle of the street. Maybe it was H induced cause they were null & void – a harmless and babbling Cerberus Poodle. One cat was 6’5″, one cat was shaking and talkative and the other was in a wheelchair. We cleared the street quickly because our host told us there was an alleged Kalashnikov pop-off a few days before. West Oakland.
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The – We Own Everything You Create – Clause

· by February 20, 2009

Fallon and The Roots

In navigating this creative enterprise called STCR we have come across a few over the top intellectual property clauses. Like the one that goes something like this: ‘Please don’t send us any unsolicited work, but if you do we reserve the right to use it without compensation to you.’ Or the one where they have interest in hiring you so they ask you in for a discovery meeting and tell you that any ideas you may come up with during the meeting are owned by them (the folks at 1515 Broadway love to use this one).

So I wasn’t terribly surprised to find out that as Jimmy Fallon’s house band, every song that The Roots play and rap on air is owned by NBC Universal. Hence the band’s creation of 100’s of Late Night exclusives. But it raises this question: If an employer wanted to hire you for 1 year giving them total access to all of your creative ideas (yes even the really really good ones you want to keep for yourself) what would be your minimum price?

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We Getting Abu Dhabi Money

· by February 20, 2009
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It’s electrifying to test your idea in the market for the first time and get the undeniable feedback that it is culturally relevant and resonant. Look at the smirk of satisfaction on Busta’s face. Gotta be country specific in the next remix because Dubai is a wrap.

Nota Bene:
Did he change his name from Busta Rhymez to Busta Rhymes? Great re-branding decision. Z’s for S’s are so 90’z. And did he change the song to be more culturally sensitive? The God is smart.

Today’s Walk: SF – Full Moon

· by February 9, 2009

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Today’s Walk: SF – Garage Biennale

· by February 7, 2009

After climbing to the top of Pacific Heights (one of SanFran’s wealthiest neighborhoods) I made my way down the driveway of a ginormous mansion to find an impressive selection of hipsters and ‘struggling’ artists. The balloon pop finale was amazing! Oh and the art was cool too. Shout outs to Mary Ellen for being the visionaire and my new homies Sabre Teeth for the freeze.
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