Trina: Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.

by March 14, 2014

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s light pen drawings Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement. uses abstracted semantic rap data to create sculptural forms with light. The forms represent the distance travelled by the lyrics in each song.

(Brief) Methodology: I used the Hip Hop Word Count’s new semantic analysis results to extract all geographic mentions from the complete bodies of work of 12 rappers. These locations were translated into geo coordinates which were then made into points that plotted the robot arm’s movements. The robot arm drew each path while holding a light pen.

New Home Of The Rap Research Lab™

· by March 14, 2014

Rap Research Lab

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Auction at Christie’s

· by March 5, 2014

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Works from the Collection of Alexis Adler

Many never before seen (& contested) art from JMB.

I’m especially drawn to the music notation, notes and journaling contained in the Mead Notebook.

“I was broke. I had breakfast and a few phonecalls in my pocket. I had some kind of cold & my mouth looked like it. I wondered if it smelled like it.”

Download the catalog here.