Biggie Smalls aka Notorious Big aka Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie

by January 16, 2009

Whenever I watch a film shot in NYC it’s always exciting to identify the street, neighborhood, train station or project building that was used in the location. Being born & raised in NYC I think I’m pretty damn good at it and sometimes the continuity doesn’t add up for example, a character can come out of the Union Square subway station and walk across the street to their apartment in Queens. Or better yet, when films ALWAYS use that shut down part of Hoyt–Schermerhorn station on the IND line but the character is supposed to be in Manhattan on an IRT line – C’mon Dog!

My most recent spotting were the same DUMBO streets and camera angles used for American Gangster (2008) that were first used in The French Connection (1971).

Last Summer they shut down my street and at 3AM towed all the parked cars on Franklin Avenue to film a scene from Notorious. I can’t wait to check this movie not only for the big screen biography of Biggie, but also because I get to see the US film industry’s oldest co-star – NYC.