Kanye West: DONDA Introduction (Via @KanyeWest)

by January 9, 2012

The Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 40,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day.

The Hip-Hop Word Count describes the technical details of most of your favorite hip-hop songs. This data can then be used to not only figure out interesting stats about the songs themselves, but also describe the culture behind the music.

How can analyzing lyrics teach us about our culture?

The Hip-Hop Word Count locks in a time and geographic location for every metaphor, simile, cultural reference, phrase, rhyme style, meme and socio-political idea used in the corpus of Hip-Hop.

The Hip-Hop Word Count then converts this data into explorable visualisations which help us to comprehend this vast set of cultural data.

This data is being used to chart the migration of ideas and builds a geography of language.

The readability scores are on a scale from 0 (illiterate) to 20 (post-graduate degree). Learn more about the Hip-Hip Word Count.

2011 Tunes

· by January 1, 2012

A List Of 50 Songs That I Enjoyed In 2011. Download the playlist here.


· by December 31, 2011

Victory Laps.

Pilgrim Marketing Plan Rebuttal: Take Seven

· by December 26, 2011

It’s A Feeling. It’s A Feeling. It’s A Feeling. It’s A Feeling.

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· by December 19, 2011

“Hey, Can Ya’ll Do The Stanky Leg For The Happy Birthday Boy?”

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Google x GlobalHue 5 Truths of Digital African Americans

· by December 17, 2011


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Seun Kuti On Commercial Hip-Hop

· by July 25, 2011
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“They Forgot Their People. They Are All Traitors To Hip-Hop. They Need To Heal It. Sorry.” – Seun Kuti

Lost Google Street View Guys Check An Analog Map

· by October 14, 2010


Waste Is A Design Flaw

· by July 1, 2010

Metrocards At Canal Street Station, June 30, 2010.

Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix: Untitled/Fantastic

· by May 10, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful!

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