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Death From Above

The Sexy Results video is disturbing, but i can’t make myself look away.


Sexy, sexy, sexy.

The Human Clock

Half Past Your Mother’s Ass.

Get Your Tag Up In Times Square

Tribal DDB Worldwide creates the first ever interactive bilboard in times square. Someone should have hacked it already so we can really have some fun.

Decepticon or Autobot?

DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table

Mass Customization

Penguin Books has launched a new series of books called My Penguin where the book covers are blank. You draw your own.

Killing You Softly

Mark my words in 15 years the lawsuits against cellphone companies for not revealing cancer risks will trump those from the tobacco industry. Is your cellular phone is killing you softly? Mine is rated #1

Are we spiritual beings having a physical experience?

Since music went digital, its a bit scary but, I have absolutely no attachment to the packaging. CoverFlow has a great point in how music is we experienced based on how visually search through our collections.

The Profound = The Profane

All Bets Are Off. There is no place safe anymore! The Profound = The Profane. Get in to it. PSP makes the rules. These are the last days.

This is beautiful

This is beautiful music

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