Deitch’s Wanderlust

by April 9, 2008

Jeffrey Deitch Texting A Buffalo
Jeffrey Deitch Texting Björk’s Buffalo

I went to the world premiere of Björk’s new 3D video, “Wanderlust” at Deitch Queens. Directed by the two guy team of Encyclopedia Pictura, who as part of their process, took shrooms and ran out into nature for inspiration (props if they were nekid). The experience of trekking to see a Björk video, at an art gallery, in a part of Queens that during my childhood housed the Flea Market where I shopped for brass name belts, Nikes and BVD’s sparked a few thoughts but I’ll keep it to just this one: 1. The stressed state the art world must be under to be influenced by consumer culture. As seen in Deitch’s trend to have exhibitions as showcases of movie ephemera: Michel Gondry’s The Science Of Sleep and Be Kind Rewind and now Björk’s Wanderlust along with Deitch’s Art Star reality TV show (of which I was a finalist). Prior to Deitch no self respecting Art Dealer would be so “pedestrian”. But these are times where change is certain, growth is not. Deitch is making sure he grows.

Art dealer Larry Salander’s words:

“Our society now values a Warhol for three times as much money as a great Rembrandt,” he thunders, referring to the latest auction reports. “That tells me that we’re fucked. It’s as if people would rather fuck than make love…Being with Rembrandt is like making love. And being with Warhol is like fucking.”