Mass Luxury versus True Luxury

by November 2, 2007


Let’s Talk Money.

Not money as in money; but money as in those paper notes that represent the value placed on the time we exchange our day’s lifeforce for. Money in your pocket is stored up time. Vacation time is stored up life that you option to spend at a later date. If you don’t take your vacation time you can cash it in for money. Borrowed money is the act of one person taking the time they have stored up and loaning that resource to another person. Valuing life in terms of money is a bit twisted but doesn’t capitalism rock!?

‘Not Now I’m Taking Money To The Bank’ – Ant Live

Being paid money for having creative ideas is a mindf@ck. On one hand its just a passing thought that might graduate to be a page in my sketchbook. But on the other hand this idea is the missing component that synthesizes a multi-million dollar ad campaign. ‘Genius does not guarantee success’ and God forbid if you just can’t think of anything on that Tuesday morning meeting.

‘If You’re Talking About Money Then You’re Rubbing The Spot’ – Jadakiss

The state of being rich is determined by calculating how long you can live off of how much money or resources you have. How rich are you? One generation rich? One year rich? One month rich, One week rich? One day rich? Wouldn’t it be great to own all of your time? aka ‘Stanky’ rich.

‘I Got Money, Money I Got’ – Milk D

Google stock sells for $703/share and is almost as valuable as Gold at $787/ounce.
The Dollar is worth .69 against the Euro, a currency that was made public in 2002. Jay even opted for Euros over Dollars in his video for Blue Magic.
$100 saved every month and put into a moderate savings plan, at age 25 will grow into $1Million by age 65. If you start at 35 it will grow to $600K by age 65.
$12K a year to educate a NYC H.S. student and $140K a year to jail one.
$1Billion a year is what U.S. telephone companies earn selling collect phone calls to prisoners and their families.

Here’s To Your Empire.

“Again I saw vanity under the sun: a person who has no one, either son or brother, yet there is no end to all his toil, and his eyes are never satisfied with riches, so that he never asks, “For whom am I toiling and depriving myself of pleasure?” This also is vanity and unhappy business.” (Ecclesiastes).