Public Schools > Charter Schools

by March 4, 2009

The competitive advantage of simply being American is gone. Great. So when Cabinet secretary Arne Duncan says he wants to add more time to the school year to boost the academic achievements of our youth. I say its a no-brainer. American students have had Summers off because once upon a time many Americans worked the fields for a living and the families needed all hands on deck for the harvest at the end of every Summer. On a whole, we are no longer an agrarian society. Time to push the reset button.

My one caveat is that the Public school system has to be restructured so kids can actually learn during this extended time. Arne Duncan supports charter schools and one of the reasons he supports a longer school year may be because it will mean more $ for his charter school homies. Public Schools ≠ Charter Schools. Public Schools benefit the public, Charter Schools benefit those who are connected. Public Schools are for the Children. Staple Crops is for the Children. Wu Tang is for the Children.

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