Verizon Wireless Is A Biter

by September 13, 2008

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. -Albert Einstein.

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Deuce Gangsta made the song What About The Move? back in 2005. The song’s authentic rawness inspired us to shoot a video for it in January 07. We had an unrelated meeting with the creative resources manager at MRM (the agency of record for Verizon) in June 07. During our meeting the creative resources manager sent samples of our work to the Creative Director for the Verizon account. The Verizon/Samsung Juke Phone commercial (above) first aired in October 07. We don’t blame Verizon nor do we blame Samsung – they should get their money back from MRM. We do hold the Creative Director, the Director and the Art Director who were inspired enough by our hard work to bite our style and use our video as ‘reference.’ Sadly, in the advertising industry this happens all the time. Ultimately, it’s a small thing to a Giant, and we have stacks upon stacks of ideas – next time call us and we might sell you one. In the meantime we find solace in the words of the great Raekwon the Chef and Ghostface Killah: